Effective tenant 筛选 is like the moat around your castle – it helps to keep undesirable tenants away from your property. 彻底的筛选过程会让可靠的租户:

  1. →按时付款
  2. →租更长的时间
  3. →减少本机的磨损
  4. 一般来说,造成的问题比较少

皇冠足球平台 is an experienced property management company and has seen thousands of applications and knows how to quickly identify and analyze candidate information for warning signs. By allowing a 皇冠足球平台 Property management to handle tenant 筛选, 你将保护自己免受租赁诈骗, and discrimination lawsuits that can result from an inconsistent tenant 筛选 processes. 这种级别的筛选需要时间和经验, 但这意味着要避开坏房客, 诈骗, 和诉讼. Diligent tenant 筛选 and approval is arguably one of the most significant benefits a property management company can provide.

在Rhino物业管理公司 we know it only takes one troublesome tenant to cause significant legal and financial headaches. We are armed with the knowledge of the latest landlord-tenant laws and will ensure that you are not leaving yourself vulnerable to potential lawsuits. There are federal, state, and local housing laws that include but are not limited to the areas of:

  1. →租户筛选
  2. →安全和财产条件
  3. →拆迁
  4. →检查
  5. →租赁附件
  6. →租赁终止妊娠
  7. →办理保证金
  8. →租集合

避免一场诉讼比支付物业管理费更有意义, 让你省下很多时间和痛苦.

皇冠足球平台 物业管理 performs 3 critical tasks that help to shorten the length of property vacancies.

  1. →改善和准备出租物业 We will suggest and oversee cosmetic and necessary improvements that make your property more appealing to potential renters.

  2. →确定最佳租金 如果你把房租定得太高,你就等不下去了, and if you go too low you end up losing money every month the tenant is in the unit. 确定最优价格需要了解当地市场, 最近销售的可比产品的数据, 以及使用租赁费率工具.

  3. →有效营销您的财产 We have written hundreds of advertisements and understand effective marketing language. We know where to advertise in order to get a larger pool of candidates in a shorter period of time. 另外, because of our volume we can usually negotiate better advertising rates both online and offline. We also have a sales team that knows how to show properties and close deals.

虽然很容易看到租金损失的影响, 高租户周转率还有其他同样严重的问题. 周转过程包括彻底的清洁, 改变锁, 粉刷墙壁和可能的新地毯或小修补, 更不用说所有与营销相关的努力, 显示 , 筛选, 然后让一个新房客搬进来. This is a time-consuming and expensive process that can be avoided by keeping tenants happy and well cared for. 在Rhino物业管理公司, we have a time-tested tenant retention policy that ensures happy tenants with long rental periods. Our program provides a consistent, systematic approach to tenant management.

The way that rent collection and late payments are handled can be the difference between success and failure as a landlord. Collecting rent on time every month is the only way to maintain consistent cash-flow, 你的房客们要明白这是没有商量余地的. 通过聘请皇冠足球平台物业管理公司, 你在自己和房客之间设置了一个缓冲, 让我们成为“坏人”.“我们会处理与租户的沟通,, 确保租集合, 并在必要时, 处理房地产拆迁.

We will make sure that all aspects of the rental agreement are understood and respected by your tenants. Often tenants are more likely to abide by lease terms when dealing with a company as opposed to a single person.

有非常严格的法律来管理驱逐过程, 如果做得不对,可能会导致惨败. 皇冠足球平台 物业管理 knows the law and has a process in place to obtain the best possible outcome. Never having to handle another eviction can be a compelling reason to consider hiring a property management company.

皇冠足球平台 物业管理 can provide you with the resources to help you understand how to file taxes in relation to your property. We can also help to organize the necessary forms and documentation in order to maximize your deductions. 我们应该注意的是物业管理费是免税的.

Good maintenance and repairs keep tenants happy and preserve the value of your investment. 通过聘请皇冠足球平台物业管理公司 you gain access to our in-house maintenance staff, 以及我们的授权网络, 保税, and insured contractors who have already been vetted for good pricing and quality work. 这为我们的所有者节省了大量的时间和金钱. Not only is our firm able to get good pricing and volume discounts on the work, we also have a thorough understanding of maintenance issues and are capable of supervising the work.

皇冠足球平台 物业管理 can offer you suggestions and feedback on upgrades and modifications to improve your property and enhance your investment. We can tell you how improvements will affect the rent you will be able to charge, 以及对维护和保险的影响. Preventative maintenance is achieved through proactive systems that catch maintenance and repair issues early on. 我们有一个全面的书面维修检查程序, detailed maintenance documentation and regular maintenance visits that allow us to catch problems before they grow into potentially costly disasters.

  1. →压力较小——避免半夜处理紧急事件, 追踪租, 拆迁, 财产损失, 租赁诈骗, 不可靠的供应商, 还有成堆的文书工作.

  2. → More freedom - Because you will no loner have to live near your properties, 你可以在任何地方居住和投资房产. 主人 can live and travel without having to always being available in case a tenant needs something.
    一旦你找到了一个好的, 可靠的管理公司, 你不必住得离公司或你租的房子很近. There are plenty of property owners that live in other countries and simply collect their check every month without ever seeing the property.

  3. 拥有更多的时间——时间就是金钱, 对许多投资者来说, their time can be more profitably spent in areas other than servicing their properties. 当你专注于资产管理时,你就是在为你的业务工作, 当你管理自己的属性时,你在其中工作. 此外,你有更多的时间花在你喜欢的事情上.